This pertains to all Kum & Go, Krause Gentle, Des Moines Menace, Amici Espresso, Teamwork Ranch, and Solar Transport associates.

2013 W-2 Forms are Available

To view and/or print your W-2 form, visit the Electronic W-2 website; you will be routed to the login page.

Please disregard the verbiage in the box to the right of the login section. Everyone is already registered with the following:

  • Your login is your Social Security number in the exact format of: 123456789 (no dashes)
  • The password is your date of birth in the exact format of: 01/16/13 (with slashes and only two digits for each)

Once you are in, there is a ‘Search W-2s for tax year:’ drop down box. Make sure it says 2013, and then click Search (if it isn’t already the default year showing).

It is recommended to change your login / password after you log in. To do this, click on My Account Information in the box on the left.

For questions or problems, please call the W-2 hotline: 866-356-1610, or email: