W-2 Information

This pertains to all Kum & Go, Krause Gentle, Des Moines Menace, Teamwork Ranch, and Solar Transport associates.

2015 W-2 Forms ARE Available

2015 W-2 FORMS

As a reminder the 2015 W-2s were mailed to all active and former associates on January 19, 2016, to the last updated address in our system. If you have not received your mailed 2015 W-2 by the second week of February 2016, please do the following:

  1. Contact the Grow People Department at 515-457-6221 to verify if you need to update your address. If your W-2 has been sent back we will mail it to your updated address.
    (Active associates should verify their address in Workday prior to contacting Grow People).
  1. Obtain an electronic copy of your W-2, immediately, on the Electronic W-2 website.
    (Please read the instructions in the 2015 ELECTRONIC W-2 section for assistance).

If you need to request another mailed copy of your W-2, please print out the 2015 W-2 Request Form and follow the instructions on the form. (Note: This process may take several days so it is recommended that you either obtain an electronic version of your 2015 W-2 or contact the Grow People Department to verify if your W-2 has been returned).


To view and/or print your W-2 form, visit the Electronic W-2 website; you will be routed to the login page.

Please disregard the verbiage in the box to the right of the login section as you are already registered with the following login information:

  1. User ID – Your user ID is your Workday Employee ID number
    • Solar Associates – You do not need to add any leading zeros to your employee ID number.
  2. Password – Your initial password is your date of birth
    • Your date of birth does not need leading zeros, but must include “/” between the month/day/full year.
      • Example 1: Your birthdate is January 1, 1980; the format is 1/1/1980
      • Example 2: Your birthdate is April 25, 1980; the format is 4/25/1980
      • Example 3: Your birthdate is November 12, 1980; the format is 11/12/1980

Once you have logged in, there is a ‘Search W-2s for tax year:’ drop down box. Make sure it shows 2015, and then click Search.

It is recommended that you change your password after you log in. To do this, click on My Account Information in the box on the left.

For questions, problems, or if you need your Workday Employee ID number, please contact the Kum & Go Grow People Department at 515-457-6221.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  My gross wages from my last paycheck stub do not equal my taxable wages on my W-2. Why?
A:  Taxable wages are your gross wages minus all pretax deductions such as: 401k, Dental, Medical, Vision, Flex Spending Accounts, Health Savings Accounts, etc.

Q:  I did not have any Federal or State tax withheld from my wages. Why?
A:  It is the responsibility of the associate to ensure that your tax withholdings are correct during the year.  If you chose “exempt” on those forms, then you will not have the corresponding tax withheld until you submit an updated W-4 form.  Payroll will not adjust the tax withholdings for the prior year.  Additionally, in certain situations, an associate’s pay may not have met the minimum amount required by the IRS to withhold taxes during the payroll period.

Q:  I need the Company FEIN (Federal Employer Identification Number) to file my taxes. Where can I find it?
A:  This can be found on the W-2 in Box B.

Q:  What is Box 12 D on my W-2?
A:  This is the amount withheld for your pretax 401k deductions for 2015 by payroll.

Q:  What is Box 12 W on my W-2?
A:  This is the Employer & Employee Health Savings Account Contributions.  Please refer to your final pay slip for the breakout of the employee pretax deductions and the employer contributions for your taxes.

Q:  What is Box 12 DD on my W-2?
A:  This is the amount for the Employer/Employee cost of health insurance for ACA reporting.  There is nothing the associate needs to do with this box.  It is for information purposes only.

Q:  What is the Box 12 AA on my W-2?
A:  This is the amount that has been withheld for your post tax 401k Roth Deduction for 2015.

Q:  What is Box 10 on my W-2?
A:  This is the amount that was withheld on a pretax basis for Flex Spending Dependent Care Benefits.

Q:  My Social Security Number or Name is wrong on my W-2. What should I do?
A:  You will need to contact the Kum & Go Grow People Department to update this information.  You can contact the Grow People Department at 515-457-6221.

Q:  My address is wrong on my W-2. Do I need to do anything?
A:  Your address does not need to be updated in order to file your taxes.