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Mobile Application

Can I download the app on my smartphone?
The Kum & Go app is currently available for the iPhone and Android devices.

How do I use a coupon in the app?
Select the coupon you’d like to use from the coupon list, then tap ‘Redeem’ when you are at the store. A barcode will be displayed on your smartphone and you can show that to the associate to be scanned. Once you click the redeem button, you will have 15 minutes to have the barcode scanned before the coupon disappears.

Why is there a 15-minute time limit on coupon barcodes?
The countdown timer doesn’t start till you click the redeem button. We believe 15 minutes is plenty of time for the associate to scan your coupon, even if you clicked ‘Redeem’ when you first walked into the store and then spent 14 minutes wandering around trying to decide what to buy.

What happened to my coupon? It disappeared.
If a coupon disappeared from the list in the app, that means one of two things happened: 1) you used the coupon, or 2) the coupon expired.