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Krause Group Releases 2019 Corporate Social Responsibility Report Highlighting Progress and Results

September 1, 2020

(DES MOINES, Iowa) — Kum & Go published its second annual Corporate Social Responsibility Report on September 1. The report provides an overview of how parent company, Krause Group, worked in 2019 to accelerate its businesses to bring their purposes to life.

“CSR is about how we as an organization are being responsible corporate citizens and creating safe, equitable, and inclusive spaces,” said Krause Group Chairman & CEO, Kyle Krause. “As a fourth-generation family-run business, I am especially proud to launch this report on the 61st anniversary of our founding – an important moment for reflection and looking forward – especially given the unprecedented times we now live in. This report serves as a reminder of both what we have accomplished – and the work that lies ahead.”

The vision for Krause Group first took root in 1959, with the launch of a single gas station in Hampton, Iowa, by Tony S. Gentle and his son-in-law, William A. Krause. Over the next 61 years, that business has grown to incorporate a diverse set of companies including Solar Transport, Vietti, Enrico Serafino, Krause+, Dalla Terra Ranch, Teamwork Ranch, and the Des Moines Menace soccer club – all under the leadership of parent company, Krause Group.

The new report focuses on how each of these businesses are working across the four pillars of social responsibility established at Krause Group: purpose-based, people first, planet, and philanthropy. From robust benefits packages to waste diversion, from alternative fuels to sustainable agricultural practices, the new report encapsulates the breadth and scope of Krause Group’s work across 14 states, two countries, and with over 5,475 Associates.

“Krause Group companies are about more than selling wine or fuel, more than soccer or agriculture,” Krause writes in the forward to the report. “They are about how we leave the world a better place.”

The entire report can be found here.

About Kum & Go

For over 60 years, Kum & Go has been dedicated to the communities it serves, sharing 10 percent of its profits with charitable causes. For four generations the family-owned convenience store chain has focused on providing exceptional service and delivering more than customers expect. Established in Hampton, Iowa, in 1959, the chain has since grown to employ nearly 5,000 associates in 400 stores in 11 states: Iowa, Arkansas, Colorado, Minnesota, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, North Dakota, Oklahoma, South Dakota and Wyoming.

About Krause Group

Krause Group is the parent company to a diverse set of businesses that include convenience retail, logistics, wineries, hospitality, real estate, agriculture, and sports. No matter the industry, Krause Group’s goal always remains the same: to accelerate our businesses to achieve long-term, multi-generational success.