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two kinds of people going back to school

KUM & GO! sorry just trying some aggressive marketing

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me at the shareholder meeting fighting for my job

if you build it they will kum & go

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good idea- we'll take it @innoutburger

Good evening, "Kum & Go" was a 36 month sociological study conducted by Harvard University. We are now complete wit……

who runs the world? girls but who fuels the girls? kum & go

i'm a solid 8 normally but i'm a 5 at kum & go

i thought of you today, it reminded me to take out the trash…

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if only peach dad knew that these were 2 for $4

KUM & GO FACTS: did you know that spiderman once drove a grain truck to amsterdam while listening to the song rich……

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kum & go back to school starter kit

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me, an empath, pretending to be interested in grape jelly because someone is standing in front of the beef jerky

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the marketer that convinced my boss we need branded glow sticks

happy dollar slice Wednesday eve eve crying into my still untouched Monday morning coffee

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there's only 2 good times to wear a bucket hat. when it's rainin and when it's not

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explaining to my wife that i don't want to play roblox all day, i have to for the fuel rewards

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guys you made egg bites mad at me

kum & go egg bites are back, rt if you agree

kum & go egg bites are BACK, and so are the tweets about them

is that what you call your gas pumps…

if i text you 🚗 💨 it means we're going to kum & go

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most unhinged dm i've ever received

the key to the perfect weekend is the right balance of kumming and going

hey @RobSandIA we need you to Kum audit our vibes at @8035

everyone sitting at their desk at 10 in the morning: the social media team never works me: tweeting this from my bed

tag a friend in this tweet and if they don't respond in 4 minutes they owe you an ampersand-shaped glazed donut fro……

is this what @KwikTrip used to come up with their name?…

this is the most monday tuesday ever

life liberty and the pursuit of kum & go

freedom to kum & go

13 stripes, 50 stars, infinite ways to kum & go

i’m in an uber rn and the driver just drove by a kum & go and goes “their twitter is unhinged”

Good things are Kumming.

one of us has a clever name that people feel the need to make inappropriate jokes about, the others tweet profanity……

literally nobody: my boss giving unsolicited tweet ideas: "It's GAS!" (got the password changed btw)

this is the level of tweeting i aspire to…

Kum & Go x Crocs

my wife can't remember the gas pump number she just parked at but she can remember the argument we had 12 years ago